About the Conference

We are excited to be gathering in Aachen again this year for our 3rd International Conference on High-Performance Mining, September 7-8 in the SuperC on RWTH Aachen University premises!

The Conference is about inspiring change in the global mining industry and making the mine of the future tangible.

The program contains two days filled with presentations and discussions on benchmark projects from mines and suppliers in technology development and deployment, technology innovation, process optimization and responsible mining practices.

Session themes include new frontiers in automatization, digitalization, and electrification, along with the larger context of what we call the human-centred climate smart mine of the future.

Presentations will focus on an integrated approach to considering people, technology and the environment of innovation processes and transformation. Several presentations will feature joint presentations by mine operators and suppliers or research partners and a range of international speakers.

The Conference is designed to be a platform not only for inspirational content but to form new partnerships and meet many experts from industry and research, from within and outside of Germany. Networking will be facilitated through breaks, our exhibition area, and during our evening reception on Thursday.

Featuring a Canadian Delegation!

We are excited to collaborate again with Canada and welcome a Canadian delegation through the MICA (Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator) network. MICA was launched in 2019 to accelerate the commercialization of mining innovation in Canada and with international partners.


Day 1 will start off with a keynote on the Human-Centred Climate Smart Mine and new trends in technology development

Day 2 will inspire you with a keynote on how to create value beyond compliance and new trends in ESG and sustainability

Who should attend?

The International Conference on High-Performance Mining brings together national and international mine operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mining equipment and technology services (METS) companies and experts from academia, industry and the public sector to inspire change in the national and international mining industry.

Why should you attend?

Don’t miss one of the leading international industry events and networking opportunities in Germany!

The International Conference on High-Performance Mining provides a unique platform to learn from national and international speakers about possibilities for meeting current challenges in the mining industry based on an integrated approach, considering people, technology and the environment.

You will be able to learn through inspiring case studies and innovations, some of which are jointly presented by mine operators and technology providers or research partners, how technology enabled change can be harnessed successfully.

Coffee and lunch breaks, an exhibition area, and an evening reception will ensure space for networking and forging new partnerships.