About the Conference

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The 2nd International Conference on High-Performance Mining wants to inspire change in the global mining industry by presenting benchmark projects that provide insights into realizing the mine of the future through the following core themes:

The Autonomous Mine, the Green Mine, and the People’s Mine, representing the vision for the mine of the future: digitally integrated and connected, autonomous, productive and profitable, safe and socially accepted with minimum environmental impact.

The Conference program spans four days with three hours of moderated program per day accommodating different time zones.

All sessions feature joint presentations by mine operators and suppliers or research partners by a range of international speakers. Taking an integrated approach to considering people, technology and the environment in transformation and innovation processes they allow for comprehensive insights into success factors as well as challenges.

Since the Conference has traditionally been a platform to meet and form new bonds and partnerships, we take advantage of the latest technological tools to provide facilitated and moderated networking opportunities and engaging side-events to enable the attendees to get into contact with each other.

Special Feature: South America Day!

The  2nd International Conference on High-Performance Mining will feature a South America Day, presenting selected benchmark projects and innovations from a dynamic mining region.

Each year we partner with a specific region or country and we are proud to have Mexico, Chile and Peru represented at this year’s conference!


Each day will include an international live keynote.
We are delighted to have international thought leader George Hemingway from the Stratalis Group (New York City) confirmed as a keynote for the People’s Mine!
The keynote for the Green Mine will be delivered live in a joint presentation by Vale and SRK Consulting from Canada!

Who should attend?

The 2nd International Conference on High-Performance Mining brings together national and international mine operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), mining equipment and technology services (METS) and experts from academia, industry and the public sector to inspire change in the national and international mining industry.

Why should you attend?

The 2nd International Conference on High-Performance Mining provides an easily accessible online platform to learn from national and international speakers about possibilities for meeting current challenges in the mining industry based on an integrated approach, considering people, technology and the environment and thus addressing the different dimensions relevant to all transformation processes.

You will be able to learn through inspiring case studies and innovations, some of which are jointly presented by mine operators and technology providers or research partners, how technology enabled change can be harnessed successfully.

Each Conference day will feature an opening keynote from leading national and international industry experts with Q & A for attendees.

Through sophisticated tools, you will be able to connect with participants from all over the world and through different time zones.